Friday, May 7, 2010

it is time to revive this blog. =D

came back from taiwan this monday and had been working non-stop these few days. earning the moolahs for me to go shopping in US. just thinking the thoughts make me happy. HEHE!

unpacking for luggage sucks BIG TIME! I'm now washing all the smelly clothes so that I can pack them for the US trip. I think i'm going to pack real light since from the taiwan trip, i can apparently survive on 2 long pants and 3 shirts for a 6 days trip and maybe even more if the situation calls for it.

anyway, i have been hunting for my MA (management accounting) tb these few days so that i can bring it to US to browse when i'm there (YA! i know! i'm so damn hardworking!) and i saw this seller that is selling it with the ntu custom text for $15.

i sms him in the afternoon and he called back immediately. damn enthusiastic seller! anyway, he tried to negotiate with me the price just now (ya, he called me at midnight to cfm the place for meetup. again, damn enthu seller) on the website he's selling it for $15 but he want higher since he assumed that i sms him first as he's selling it for quite cheap.

SO, i told him that there's a few sellers selling for $15 and he STUNNED. then i told him that i don't need the custom text since i think that's for ntu students so can i have a discount? and he still quote me $15. so i ask him about the condition of the book and he told me that there's a FEW handwritting and highlighting here and there when on the website, he say 'like new'. WTF? SERIOUSLY! so when i told him, he STUNNED again.

so i told him that there are sellers selling the book for $15, with no handwritting and no highlighting and the book plastic wrapped. well, that idiot finally back off now and say MAYBE he can sell 2 dollars cheaper.

so i grab the chance and told him, 'ok, let's settle at $13 then.'

if that idiot tries to negotiate with me on monday or bring a book with MAJOR highlighting and handwritting to me on monday, i'm gg to slaughter him straight on the spot at dover mrt.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


ww and i went to suntec for the body shop sale today!

well, technically, he went for the IT show while i went for TBS sale.

i almost came out of the sale empty-handed bcos i didn't found anything that appeal to me. ALMOST ;)

but then, just as we were about to leave, there's this announcement that the special christmas edition carnberry body polish was on sale for only $8!

of cos i have to get that, the carnberry flavour is my favourite out of the whole TBS range.

so, in the midst of searching for the body polish, i found more stuff that didn't catch my eyes when i first surveyed.

adding more stuff into my bag, i exit out of TBS sale with a grand purchase of $50.60.

carnberry body polish-$8
carnberry room spray-$9.90
2 home fragrance oil-$12.90
tea tree oil-$9.90
tea tree concealer stick-$9.90

and tmr, i'm gg to post office to collect my bulky items. who in the world will have 7 bulky items to collect at one go?

i shld stop online shopping man, it's evil =)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

yep, haven't blog in a while. i think the last time i blog was 12 jan?

i am feeling freaking mad. i spend 2 days doing my AW outline (AW is a module which u have to take in SMU if your GP sucks-->aka me--> aka C for A level). so anyway, i spent 2 freaking long days doing my AW outline, ya, i know i'm doing it very slowly and all, but u know.. i just want to put in the best effort for the final essay. i want to try and get my freaking A even through i know it's near impossible.

so.. i email my prof my outline and she email back 5 minutes later and ask me to REDO! omg, i dont even know whether she read that stuff or not, it is 3 solid Times New Roman font 12 pages k?

I forgo my Biz Law readings and my AS midterm studying for this crap that she told me to redo. i know i have to deal with it, but maybe tmr, i shall pretend i didn't saw her reply ;)

anyway, another thing to blog about is that i have a very cool mum =D

i wasn't very close with my mum before my dad pass away, and ya, like every family out there, we have our fights and quarrels where during one incident, my mum left home =X

however, my mum should be the coolest mum i think anyone can have. she is the one that told me to go and play when she realise that i'm coped up in school whole day. she is the one that told me to go bugis n buy clothes with her money even through i have a whole bursting warerode of clothes and i have enough savings to spend. she is the one that appreciate my buying of makeup (like the 72 eyeshadows palette and the pop lip gloss palette) and will tell me to apply it on her (eventhrough my skills sucks) before she goes for her dancing classes every sunday. she will be the one that ask me to sleep more and help me pull my curtains when i struggle to wake up. she is the one that passes me the keys readily to her car without any questions and just tell me to "Be careful "when i feel like driving in the middle of the night. she is the one that doesn't get mad when i scratched her car accidentally while turning in the carpark and just tell me to get it repaired using my own money. she is the one that doesn't mind if i stay out late as long as she know that i am safe.

my mum has been slogging her life out this past 3 years since my dad passed away, taking care of us, coping with the company and what not, taking care of the house, having her dance and singing lessons. in simpler words, she is the modern woman of the society with a career, a family and a social life. this may be easy for some, but certainly not my mum. after all, she was a housewife for at least 17 years and has now morphed into a strong woman =D

oh, and did i mention my mum is taking english classes as well? the classes were organised by MOM and they are twice a week, for 3 hours each. it is similar to the classes in school where you have to take tests and attendance and all that.

so, my mum is now having english classes on mon and thurs, and dancing classes on wed and sun. she also like to go singing on sat. how cool is that? :)

anyway, there is a whole lots of reasons why i think my mum is very very cool, and, i guess losing my dad kind of make me appreciate her even more. my mum never travel alot. she is a malaysian so she tend to travel between johor n spore, she also travel to thailand with us when i was 10 and i think her last trip was with my dad to china like 4 years ago?

so.. our whole family is going to taiwan this april! from 27 april to 2 may! it will be a short trip, but the main point is to reward my mum and she deserve to relax. my sis and i think it is better to travel as a whole family than waiting till my mum is retired and old and may have walking problems or such then we go travel.

i don't think i will be getting a whole lot of stuff since i'm going to USA on may 13, so i will just be going to taiwan to enjoy all the food. i can't wait to eat at all those nightmarkets! so yea, tha air tickets have been booked and the schedule have been roughly drawn out. the next time i have to do is to go to the UIC building to get the free travel guides from taiwan visitors association.

on a sidenote, i also can't wait for the loreal sale on 26 march, i want to go and buy my liquid foundation =D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


HAUL AGAIN! I have been so busy that I finally collected my parcels from the BP post office after 9 days of receiving the delivery advice. Anyway, I'm freaking sick with cough, flu and sore throat, and with all the homeworks piling up, this's will be a very very short post.

2 parcels, one from a seller in flowerpod, the other from a ACW spree. ACW is having these mad clearance sale where items are selling at freaking discounted prices.

All the items from the 2 parcels. Clockwise from top: Fasio power-stay mascara 3D+ air tech in 001 Black ($8), Loreal HIP cream shadow paint in 811 Commanding ($9), 2 Rocket City Space Case in RC-27 ($7 each) and St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish & Blackhead Control ($5).

I never heard of the brand Rocket City before, but since ACW is having these crazy $1.99 sale for all Rocket City items (no matter is it eyeshadow, palettes or lipsticks), i decided to check the reviews with MUA.

Intrigued after readings the reviews, I decided to get 2 of them since they are so cheap!

On opening them, they "pop" out to form something like this:

Isn't this clever? It's totally worth $7 to get this! And, there is a wide variety of colours:

L-R: Glow, Soap, Celestial, Venus, Apollo and Mars.

I haven't tried the colours out since I'm sick and I don't want to pass all the germs into the palette, but, I'm like SUPER EXCITED about them. ASK ME TO SHOW YOU IF YOU SEE ME, AND YOU'LL BE AMAZED AS WELL!


Ok, gtg ppl, back to the hw O_o

Friday, January 8, 2010

Today was a horrible day.

My AW prof gave me more readings that I have to complete before next Tuesday.

I argued with my project teammate, and the POINT is, I usually don't argues with my project teammate! But this guy has a bone to pick with me, and he is damn egoistic! Rich and spoilt, he thinks the world revolves around him and he himself plays god. FML!

My group decides that we shall have our meeting on Sunday, and that SUCKS! And that is initiated by that IDIOT above because he lives in hall and he doesn't realise that it took some of us, like ME, 1 hour to get to school and 1 hour back. Also, NO SANE people should be in school on a Sunday, especially the first week!

The seller that was supposed to turn up at 6.30 pm was caught in the jam and eventually arrived at 7pm, with the wrong items.

Another seller forgot to bring the items and we have to postpone the meetup to Monday instead.

I went for driving lesson and it was horrible. My instructor, who's pretty nice most of the time, also says that I'm horrible. Maybe it's my first driving lesson at night (I have nightblindness). Or maybe it's just the fact that I sucks.

BUT, as mentioned before in Fb, REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD.

LET THE GAME BEGINS! *evil laughter

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I got the GLOW magazine from Watsons this Monday.

Past issues of GLOW magazines usually featured at least one or two makeup workshops, and I LOVE to join makeup workshops because they are a venue where I can get a lot of comestics samples and also pick up a few useful tips. BUT, this issue of GLOW magazine disappoints me. NO makeup workshop at all! NADA! Not even a single one! However, there are still some articles of really useful beauty tips. In my opinion, get the magazine only if they still have the Bioessence/ Vichy goodies. These goodies are while stocks last and I picked the Bioessence for 2 simple reasons: one, Lenny has a lot of Vichy products so i can always "borrow" some from him, and two, because Bioessence has 3 bottles and Vichy only 1. Yup, quantity is the key factor here. =D

So here's the Bioessence goodie bag, and it basically contain products from the Hydra Spa Energy range. There's a Hydra Spa Energy deep moisturizing cleansing foam (30g), a Hydra Spa Energy refreshing toning lotion (10ml) and a Hydra Spa Energy intensive nourish & moisturizing cream (10g). There is actually quite a sufficient amount of product inside which I think can last for around 2 weeks, so it's actually worth it to get the magazine PROVIDED you get this goodie as well. All this for only $2!

And I think I will sell these products because now, I am loving my Ettusai ance trial kit I bought in Shiseido warehouse sale in December. So far, they have kept my ance at bay. I will blog tmr because IT'S A FRIDAY! YAY! WEEK ONE DONE! =D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sprees and more sprees!


Imagine my surprise when I came home from work on Saturday and I saw 3 packages on my table! =D

As my dear sister went to Genting with her bf, I have to wait until yesterday when she came home to take photos of all these lovely items.

From ELF spree:

Items ordered from this ELF spree is much cheaper and faster than the previous one. There were a total of 9 items and it cost less than 20 bucks for all of them, which is roughly 2SGD each, which makes me wonder how she does it. That IS cheaper than the previous spree when each item were like 2.80SGD. LOVE the organiser, fast, efficient and very friendly. =)

From the Drugstore spree:

I got the DUO eyelash adhesive and the Physicians Formula Luxury Eye Cream. This eye cream is highly raved to be effective for dark eye circles and I must say, it is TRUE! After 19 years of accumulating dark eye circles, I thought it will require a miracle to make them disappear. BUT, for 5SGD (cheap cheap compared to other high-end department stores eye creams!), this eye cream miraculously lighten them! AND, that is only after 5 days of application! LOVE the eye cream! =D

From the Avon Spree:

I always join the Avon spree with the same organiser, and have been joining every Avon spree she organised. Also, Avon sprees are so rare that it's an opportunity you can't miss since Avon always has great products at cheap prices! The lighting isn't great in this picture, but not to worry, I will have reviews coming up after I use these products.

And in case you don't know, one of my New Year Resolutions this year is to buy more and blog more. Life is only so short and when you die, you can't bring your money with you! So enjoy while you can, and if buying comestics makes me happy, so be it. Cya guys tmr! =)